NexusHost NVMe Drives Increases Hosting Speeds

February 12, 2022
Most people think of SSD vs HDD when it comes to storage. SSDs are faster than HDDs. Web hosting that promises the former is better than the latter is even better. That's all. Recent technology upgrades have made SSDs more performant. NVMe drives are the technology to be on the lookout for. It stands for "Non Volatile Memory Express", which is a standard for accessing SSD drives via the PCI interface rather than SATA. NexusHost is the only company that offers NVMe storage with all plans. This will make your website load quicker.

Database Queries for Dynamic Sites require fast retrieval

These days, most websites are database-driven. Even sites that only have a few pages can be dynamic. The pages are automatically created from databases when a visitor visits them. We use many caching techniques to reduce the resource cost. NexusHost's LiteSpeed has advanced caching so that your pages can be served quicker to your visitors.
This doesn't mean that your site will be dynamic. This is a perfect example for shopping sites. The visitor's experience will depend on what inventory is available, the most recent discounts, what they have in the cart, their login name and details about their purchases. This makes it impossible to cache such pages, which puts a lot of strain on large websites' databases.
The database is the biggest obstacle to speeding up the creation of these websites. The database speed is determined by how fast a query can be executed. This means that there are two things you need to consider: CPU power and disk speed. HDD drives are slower than SSD when it comes to disk speeds. However, SSDs with NVMe support are much faster that traditional SSDs.

How Fast are NVMe Drives Really?

SSD drives with NVMe support are significantly faster that ordinary SSD drives. They have a latency of half that of regular SSDs and an input/output speed 10x faster. The data transfer speed to and from the SSD is 25x quicker.
NVMe drives make a better choice for databases heavy applications such as large websites with lots of e-commerce or dynamic content. This is because SSDs now use the PCI interface instead of the SATA/AHCI. This is similar to how computer components such as graphics cards connect. NVMe simply updates the protocols to allow storage devices to connect in the same manner.

Why don't all web hosts offer NVMe drives?

The simple answer is that they are expensive. NVMe drives are still relatively new technology in comparison to SSD SATA. This means that there is still very little demand. Web hosts that offer NVMe drives may have to share a portion of their profits. VircoHost is the first to implement new features and offers NVMe drives all plans.
NVMe's true benefits will only be realized by larger websites that will likely use the higher-tier plans. It all works together beautifully.
NexusHost offers NVMe drives as a standard and is able to provide access to this extremely useful technology far ahead of the rest.
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